How It Works

Our marketing strategy consists of targeting demographics for you. In other words, If your best customers are females between the ages of 18 and 24 who earn over $35,000 we will target this demographic. A sales rep will contact these people to answer their questions and help them get started with your business opportunity.

Our goal is to offer you the perfect sales system based on your budget, time, and focus.

If you aren't involved in a business opportunity right now, that's OK! We are currently successfully making sales using several opportunities. We'll help you to choose an opportunity you will enjoy and be successful in.

Are You Wanting To Make Money Online?

There are dozens of money making opportunities that have great products or services and that pay generous commissions. By answering a few questions evaluate your strengths, interests, and budget and make appropriate suggestions to you. You will be presented with several money making opportunities that you can choose from.

We evaluate businesses opportunities based on several factors. The company needs to abide by U.S. law and have a generous compensation plan. We will only recommend business opportunities when we have a proven track record of sales.

Our prices are exceptionally affordable! For as little as $149 per month you get a sales specialist to make cold calls for you and close sales.

When you then purchase our service we usually start selling for you within three business days of your purchase!

About The Affiliate Links For The Business Opportunities

When the various busness opportunities are presented to you, the links that you click on are affiliate links. This means that one of our customers will make the sale and they will get a sales commission.

When you purchase our sale service your affilate link will appear as a link on our network of sites as well.

For example, the following is one of the opportunities that may be presented to you:

The 'dōTERRA' Affiliate Program

Founded in the spring of 2008, dōTERRA is now one of the best-known essential oil companies. It was started by a group of 7 health-care and business professionals who concluded that with commitment, hard work, and the help of others with similar passion and vision, they could and would bring a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world.

They formed dōTERRA with the vision of offering an alternative path to health and wellness through the power of essential oils. With health leaders on board, they could advance the cause of wellness through educating the public about the benefits essential oils.

If you would like to get more details on the dōTERRA Affiliate Program, click on the blue CLICK HERE below.

CLICK HERE! Your Link Appears Here

You can try it yourself. When you click on "CLICK HERE! a new browser window will open to one of our customers signup page.

Your link will be programmed into many other sales funnels that appear on dozens of web sites. These include blogs, review sites, thank you pages, one time offer pages, and sales sites.

Since We Do The Selling, What Do You Do?

We will help find your customers, but one of the most important ways to achieve financial success is to build a solid relationship with these customers. You need to get to know them, teach them, and help them. As you build a trusting relationship with them, they become life-long customers!

When a customer joins your opportunity, you need to begin building trust with them and you will eventually have a loyal team member.

The Steps To Take

  • Click on "$595 Set Up Fee Waived".

  • You will be presented with several business opportunities, click on the "Click Here To Get Started!" buttons to get more details about the opportunity and to join one of them.

  • Sign up to any of the opportunities that you have chosen to participate in.Take note of your affiliate link and your new sponsors name.

  • Submit the form at the bottom of the page. After submitting this you will be taken to the subscription page.

  • Use PayPal to purchase our sales service.

  • Fill in the form. Make sure you correctly enter your affiliate link from the opportunities that you signed up to.

  • It will take our development team about three days to program your sales funnel. As soon as this is finished we will begin making sales for you!

Our service:

  • Eliminates attrition.

  • Advertises your business.

  • Creates leads.

  • Makes cold calls.

  • Sends post cards.

  • Sells on the internet.

  • Is Your Marketing Machine!

The We Make The Sales System has truly leveled the playing field by providing you Sales Specialist which will do most of the unpleasant selling work for you! We will work hard to build your business!

The We Make The Sales service is a complete sales and marketing solution.