Sales Rep

Do you make sales for all money making opportunity?

There are opportunities that are clearly unethical and even illegal. We do not sell for any of these opportunities.

Can you sell physical products?

Yes. We normally create an affiliate marketing plan to sell products.

How many sales calls will you make for me each month?

The number of calls we make continually vary by the month, day of the week, and how long we stay on the phone. We have accumulated year to year statistics and have found:

We typically make an average of 1,050 calls per month per customer.

Remember too, we send out postcards and use internet marketing to make sales as well.

Can I purchase more than once for my opportunity?

Yes. If you want to double, triple, or have us make even more phone calls you can make multiple purchases. Just put the same affiliate link for each of your orders and you will get the additional phone calls and postcards.

Do you make any guarantees?

No. You can judge us by the sales we will make for you. If you're unhappy with the results just go to "contact us" to cancel your order.

The price you pay goes towards paying for telemarketers, postcards, marketing expenses, and overhead. There is no way that we can offer guarantees with the low prices that we charge.


We Make The Sales:

  • Eliminates attrition.

  • Advertises your business.

  • Creates leads.

  • Makes cold calls.

  • Sends post cards.

  • Sells on the Internet.

  • Is Your Marketing Machine!

The We Make The Sales System has truly leveled the playing field by providing you Sales Reps which will do most of the unpleasant selling work for you! Your marketing reps will work hard to build your business!

The We Make The Sales service is a complete sales and marketing solution.

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