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Sales Rep

Your sales rep will act as your sales specialist. They will be your point of contact, as well as making sales for you. When a prospect shows interest in your product or service, they will communicate with them, answer their questions, and work to close the sale.

By using our service you will be able to increase retention. One of the important things for you to do is start building a relationship with your new customers. You want your new customers to remain happy, so that they continue being loyal customers!

Your Sales Rep will:

  • Be your point of contact.

  • Help you focus on customer retention.

  • Answer calls and emails for you.

  • Follow up with your prospects

  • Close sales for you.

“If you spend your time, worth $20-25 per hour, doing something that someone else will do for $10 per hour, it’s simply a poor use of resources.”— Timothy Ferriss - The 4 Hour Work Week

Identifying Target Markets Of Buyers

How to increase sales? In order to make a lot of sales, a deep understanding of target markets is necessary. Who are the best customers of your product or service? Why are they attracted to it? What’s their demographic profile? What about gender, age, location, and relationship status? We find out their passions, and obtain an understanding of the customer’s needs.

We also consider what kind of people are easiest to deal with, because certain customers are easier to work with than others. We want you to be able to build a relationship with people that you like and understand.

Instead of throwing out a wide net, we target a particular group of people for you. We create a demographic profile of the best customer. When we find leads that fit this profile, we then introduce them to your product or service. We tailor our sales strategies to you. In this way we can set up your sales campaigns based on customer targeting instead of product targeting.

Creating Sales Funnels

Sales FunnelThere are dozens of different sales funnels and those we use for you will vary based on your business. Nevertheless, there is always a similar pattern in the basic depiction of the sales funnel. Thus, we can use a general sales funnel model to begin to illustrate exactly how it works.

The basic idea of the sales funnel is that at the top (the widest part of the funnel) you have your target market (prospects). We will contact these prospects, qualify them, and then entice them to enter your funnel to investigate your business further. This first step represents a commitment made to you.

Inside the funnel we will ask your prospect to take a specific action, such as signing up for additional information or another action of this nature. If they choose to do this, the element of commitment is higher because they have taken the action that is asked of them. Those who make a commitment are imagined to have moved down to the next (green) level of the funnel.

We will immediately ask for the sale, if they do decide to purchase they would go to your existing sales page and/or order form. If the prospect doesn't purchase at this time we will continue to contact them for several days. During this time we will ask your prospect to increase their level of commitment (pushing them further down through the red, yellow, and brown levels of the funnel) with the goal that eventually these prospects will become your customers and/or team members. As the prospect moves through the funnel they are given numerous opportunities to go to the sales page.

It should be clear that the whole sales funnel concept is based upon the idea that selling products and recruiting (whether online or offline) is a step-by-step process of moving people down the funnel or through a sales system. The sales funnels we build satisfy the needs of particular demographics that we are targeting. We plug your business into these sales funnels.

Responding to Phone Calls & Emails

You don't have to waste your valuable time talking to unqualified prospects. A Sales Rep will be assigned for you who will pre-qualify leads and answer questions. All follow up contacts are included

Let our well trained, professional and courteous Sale Reps do all your selling for you so you can make more money!

  • You don't have to make cold calls.

  • You don't have to deal with rejection.

  • You don't have to waste your time talking to non-responsive leads.

  • You can now spend your time building relationships which is the real secret to life-long success!

We identify your target market and contact people who have already expressed interest in your product, service, or business opportunity. We find out their interests, skills, and budget and then we lead them through your sales funnel.

Internet Marketing

We use various internet marketing strategies to drive leads into your sales funnel and make sales for you. They include:

Squeeze pages that contain attention-grabbing headlines, high-impact cover graphics, a bulleted list of benefits they will receive, along with a call to action above a subscription form. The goal of this page is to get people to take action. They enter a sales funnel once they enter their contact information, and then your Sales specialist will contact them.

Emails are sent to targeted recepients. These people are put through a sales funnel where your business is presented to them.

Facebook gives the ability to precisely target an audience. It's effectiveness continues to grow.

Solo Ads are emails sent to a specific target audience that includes a link directing them to a website. Examples of target audience list categories: money making, weight loss, self-help, internet marketing, financial services, and numerous other categories.

SEO is search engine optimization. We have created dozens of articles, blogs and websites that are optimized with keyword phrases that focus on buyer intent. When someone does a search using one of these keyword phrases, our site is listed in the results. This brings traffic to our sites to view our offers.

Sending Out Post Cards

Our postcards are an excellent way to recruit in today’s environment. These full color postcards attract more attention than any other piece of mail. They also allow us to deliver a message while the recipients are deciding what to read and what to toss. While they’re scanning the postcard to decide its fate, they are actually receiving your marketing message.

The postcards direct the prospect to one of our websites or to call our phone number. We qualify the prospect and if they express an interest in your business we encourage them to enter your sales funnel.



We Also Help You Diversify

Your sales specialist makes sales for several different products and services. We'll help you choose the business opportunity that meets your desires and goals.


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  • We do the follow up
  • We make the sales
  • You build the relationships
  • Your business grows


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"I have worked hard for years trying to build my Home-Based Business. A friend introduced me to We Make The Sales and now they do my recruiting for me. I'm spending my time building relationships with my new customers."

Judith W.

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"Before I discovered this site, I was working two jobs and still couldn't pay my bills. My new sales specialist has changed my life! I am now a stay at home mom and they are selling for my opportunity. I buy their service every month and my earnings keep increasing."

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